What’s the big idea with 3G Doctor?

I really enjoyed this chat with Andrea MacDonald and hope readers here will get behind her efforts with IDEAxME! which is a project (set to officially launch this summer) to look at “The Humans Behind The Big Ideas Shaping Our World” to provide “Inspiration & help for future creators of big ideas and for all those who just love big ideas & great stories“.

Already Andrea has already posted some fascinating interviews that would be great for long journeys/walks and there are many more coming plus I think the approach that Andrea is taking has so much scope as part of wellness and team building efforts within organisations and medical education eg. helping people discover and tell their stories can be a great way to kick start a personal development program and the skills needed to effectively capture someones story  (that Andrea has in abundance) can be an invaluable asset that we need to teach Healthcare Professionals (eg. International Journal of Older People Nursing: The use of life story work with people with dementia to enhance person-centred care”).

If there’s anything in the recording you’d like more information on just let me know in the comments and I’ll post the links etc. and if you have a story, a reason for creating your big idea get in touch with IDEAxME! and share it!

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