How would Dementia Care look if it was designed by the BornMobile generation?

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This week is Dementia Awareness Week (#DAW2016) and the Alzheimer’s Society has made some effort to bring together social media tools to help supporters propagate the message.

Visit the Alzheimer’s Society Awareness Week homepage

mHealth Insights

I thought it might be helpful to try and collect together some ideas and suggestions for how the Born Mobile generation might redesign dementia care and share them on this post. If you have any  ideas or suggestions please share them in the comments and I’ll update the list/make up the graphic:

We say no to uncompassionate form filling:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.10.45

I wish it was as easy to share my concerns with my GP as it is with the Alzheimers Society (it can and should be even easier):

DementiaAwarenessWeek Why is it so difficult to talk to my GP about this

Embedding connectivity into Patients sensors so that they are safer:

Dementia Why isnt technology helping

Managing my Chronic Disease isn’t made any easier by my Dementia or your insistence on using outdated technology:

Lets use the tools of our Time mHealthInsight


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2 Responses to How would Dementia Care look if it was designed by the BornMobile generation?

  1. Claire Gannon says:

    I have an App idea to help improve the future of Dementia Care.
    The App will give people the ability to enhance their own daily lives, keep them independent for longer at home. Give carers reassurance, whilst also gathering important information to improve and personalise care at the same time. It gives us the chance to ask all the questions that would make caring for a person in the later stages of Dementia much more personal. It will also save on PRN medications and help reduce the amount of C&R used to keep the people safe.
    I’m working with 5 Boroughs partnership NHS FT’s support. Looking for help to progress.

    • Sounds very interesting and amazing to learn that so many NHS Foundation Trust teams are already working with you on your idea. I think you’ll find invaluable collaborators by introducing yourself and your ideas over in the mHealth networking group I started on Linkedin in 2008:

      When you get your app built and start generating evidence showing how it improves the outcomes for Patients please let us know as we’re always keen to refer Patients and Carers to such apps.

      With your experiences to date do you have any text suggestions for a poster​ like the ones above?

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