Join us at the Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity Summit, London, 5–7 July 2016

Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity 2016

One of the most common concerns that Patients want to discuss with the Doctors here at 3G Doctor involve allergies so we’ve been collaborating for some time now with 117A Harley Street’s Professor Sam Lingam, one of the world’s leading experts in this area (he published the first paper on Paediatric Allergies 30+ years ago and has been using history taking questionnaires with his Patients for over 20 years), so I’m really excited to be presenting with this incredible clinician on the topic of ‘Allergies and mHealth’ at the Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity EuroScicon Summit being held at the iconic ‘O2’ in London (formerly named the ‘Millennium Dome’).

For more information/to register visit (this event has CPD accreditation, ticket prices £654/474/354 Standard/Academic/Student). Hashtag to follow is #FoodAllergy2016.

Key insights you will get from attending #FoodAllergy2016:

  • Therapeutic approaches
  • Long Term Immune Modulation through Maternal Dietary Intervention
  • Treating the Atopic March with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • FAST: Towards safe and effective subcutaneous immunotherapy of persistent life-threatening food allergies
  • Efficacy and tolerability of AR101, a peanut-derived pharmaceutical for oral immunotherapy
  • Oral Immunotherapy for Food Allergic Patients
  • Nanoparticle-Mediated Complement Activation Related Pseudoallergy
  • Micro needles for allergy immunotherapy
  • Peanut epicutaneous immunotherapy
  • Gender and Dose Dependent Ovalbumin Induced Hypersensitivity Responses in Murine Model of Food Allergy
  • Allergy Diagnosis & Management
  • Physiological mechanisms of IgE-mediated food allergy, and implications for understanding severity
  • The basophil activation test in the diagnosis and management of food allergy
  • Peanut allergy: improvements and limitations by measuring specific IgE to components
  • Mobile Health and Allergies
  • Food Allergy: risk, responsibility and regulation
  • Psychological Aspects of Food Allergy Management
  • Aetiology
  • The role of infant nutrition in the development of allergic diseases
  • What is the role of food allergy in EGID?
  • The effects of polyphenol-enriched diets on food allergy
  • Long Term Immune Modulation through Maternal Dietary Intervention
  • Efficacy and tolerability of AR101, a peanut- derived pharmaceutical for oral immunotherapy
  • Microneedles for allergy immunotherapy

Keynote speakers will include:

UPDATE: 6 July 2016:

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