Join us on the 8th June for a workshop and help develop the new ‘mHealth for Digestive Health’ course.

digestive health workshop

On the afternoon of Wednesday the 8th June we’re hosting a workshop to give you an opportunity to contribute to a new CPD course we’re launching that’s focused on Digestive Health.

Key topics that we’ll focus on:

> Pediatric Gastroenterology
> ResearchKit: Participating in Clinical Trials
> IBS and Motility
> Chrohns and inflammatory disorders
> Obesity
> Allergies/Intolerances
> Investigations
> Managing the Microbiome
> Ostomy Care
> mHealth innovations that are coming…

If you have ideas that you’d like to contribute please join us particularly if you are a:

> Patient/Carer who has used mobile tools to manage their digestive health
> Developer who has built apps and services for digestive health
> Clinician who is using mHealth with your Patients

If you can’t make the workshop but have some ideas/suggestions please post them as a comment below or email them to david_dohertyAT3gdoctorDOTcom.

At the wrap of the workshop we’ll be joining an evening event at the Royal College of Physicians on Gut Health that is being hosted by Sybil Mulcahy and will feature talks by Professor Ingvar Bjarnason (Kings College Hospital London), Dr Simon Gaisford (UCL School of Pharmacy) and Barry Smith (Chairman/Founder of leading Microbiome company Symprove) who last week published some stunning new research findings at Digestive Disease Week in San Diego (please note tickets for this evening event are all now gone but we have a few allocated specially for workshop participants in appreciation for their support with the creation of this valuable educational course).

Enter your contact details in the following form if you would like to be considered to join the workshop session:

Note: The CPD accredited mHealth for Digestive Health course will be launched at the mHealth for Community Pharmacists event that we’re running in London on the 9-10th June 2016 with NELLPC. A recording will be uploaded to YouTube for viewing without charge with the HISI will be providing the test/CPD accreditation piece separately (this may be offered free if sponsored or via a small charge if not).

Update: If you’re in Ireland attending the Irish Society of Gastrointestinology Summer Meeting join us for the workshop and we’ll pick you up and drive you to Galway for the meeting on Thursday morning.

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