Kaiser Permanente expect to provide members with 240,000 Mobile Video Consults next year!

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 18.55.35.png

“30,000 secure emails a day between our physicians and our members and we’ve seen (the number) of face to face visits decline exponentially as we’re doing more emails. So we’re already seeing the shift from physical to digital and from digital to centralisation of care. What we’re doing now is we’re deep into creating a Video Dial Tone so that anybody who has a problem that can be better served, and more conveniently served with a Video Visit can do so. We have abou 2,000 video visits a month right now and by this time next year it’s our expectation that we’ll have 20,000 video visits a month. Again it’s providing people with much more accessible and convenient care and what we’re really looking forward to in the future is building the same kind of evidence based system for virtual care that we’ve had for traditional medical care. So in what circumstance is a video visit more effective, more appropriate than a text message? How do we know in what circumstances which type of visit makes the most sense?”

Interesting insights into incredible pace of adoption of Mobile Video Consults at Kaiser are being shared in the brilliant (free) #XMed LiveStream by John Mattison MD, CMIO and Assistant Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente USA (with an annual operating revenue of +$60Billion KP was the world’s first major Healthcare organisation to publicly announce it was going Mobile First).

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