Has your clinic/hospital ordered a Tesla yet?

Elon Musk has revealed that all Tesla vehicles in production can now:

> Drive themselves (with no human input at all)

> Travel through urban streets to highway and back to streets before finding a parking spot (by reading street signs)

> Locate you and return whenever you tap the ‘Summon’ button on the Tesla app on your smartphone

> Recharge itself (by driving to a charger station that has the automated solid metal snake charger)

mHealth Insights

When the Royal College of General Practitioners vision for General Practice in 2022 consists of merely of Patients using the internet to make office visit appointments with GPs it’s important we’re all paying attention to how rapidly the world around us is in changing as it’s likely autonomous tech like this will externally transform the need for housecalls, waiting rooms, etc.

Can you imagine a video consulting Doctor deciding that their Patient needs to be seen in person and summoning the clinics specially equipped vehicle to drive to their home to bring them into the clinic?


Can you imagine how quickly a Tesla vehicle could pay for itself if a video consulting Doctor could be productively working from the rear of an autonomous Tesla vehicle seeing Patients while enroute to visit others? The savings on avoided parking tickets would probably pay for the vehicle in a busy city like London!


Sadly the Healthcare industry lags in it’s adoption of consumer tech so we’ll probably see more rural pubs than clinics/hospitals operating Teslas…


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