Will Ratings have more impact than Precision Medicine approaches to Clinical Trials?


This interesting JAMA article suggests that a Precision Medicine Approach to Clinical Trials  is an evolutionary not revolutionary step.

I agree. Clearly Patients are desperate to be involved in this industry but in just a few years it’s going to seem such an outdated idea to make an appointment with a specific clinic in the hope of finding a Physician who will be able to match you with a clinical trial that will accept you.

“Five or 6 years ago, only 5% to 10% of patients at David Hong, MD,’s clinic arrived with a mutational profile of their tumor. Today, it’s more like 25% to 30%. They come bearing their tumor profile in the hope that they’ll qualify for one of a growing number of clinical trials targeting specific biomarkers, a strategy called precision medicine. Desperate, some come already knowing that they qualify for a particular trial, thanks to Facebook groups for cancer patients whose tumors share the same genetic abnormality and other online resources”

As I explain in this talk I gave at the Mobile Clinical Congress in Edinburgh the step change happens when we think like the BornMobile generation and let Patients and Clinicians rate Clinical Trials


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