mHealth Events to attend in 2017

mHealth Events 2015

2016 was the first year I counted 100 mHealth events being held around the world (click here to view the events held in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010) so with no time to lose here’s a definitive collection of the mHealth meetings planned for 2017.

If you know of any that I’ve missed please share a link in the comments below and I’ll update this listing to include them:

Digital Health Summit at CES
Las Vegas, USA
6-7 January 2017

Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase 2018
San Francisco, USA
8-10 January 2018

Health 2.0 Brussels Goes mHealth
Brussels, Belgium
12 January 2017

mHealth Israel Meetup: Turning Doctors into Champions
Tel Aviv, Israel
12 January 2017

HealthTechForum: behaviour change and app ecosystems
London, UK
19 January 2017

mHealth Plug-a-Thon
Cleveland (OH), USA
25-6 January 2017

Apple ResearchKit: Innovations in Health Research
Boston, USA
26 January 2017

Mobile Health Trophies
Paris, France
28 January 2017

Mobile Health Meetup: Exploring design around end of life care
London, UK
7 February 2017

How to adopt mobile healthcare technology
Bradford, UK
14 February 2017

Second International Conference on mHealth
Shiraz, Iran
22-23 February 2017

Wearables & Connected Devices: Medical Relevance Beyond the Hype
Lausanne, Switzerland
27 February 2017

Mobile World Congress (featuring the Digital Health & Wellness Summit)
Barcelona, Spain
27 February – 2 March 2017

Distributed European Community Individual Patient Healthcare Electronic Record (DECIPHER) Pre-commercial Public Procurement (PCP) in mHealth and What We Learnt
Barcelona, Spain
1 March 2017

Mobile Technologies for Health (Livestream)
Berkeley (CA), USA
1 March 2017

ADASS Care Apps Showcase
Birmingham, UK
7 March 2017

The Edge of Consumer Health Innovation
San Jose (CA), USA
8 March 2017

Clinical Innovation & Partnering World**
London, UK
8-9 March 2017

Mobile Health Summit
Toronto, Canada
8-9 March 2017

Telehealth & mHealth: Healthcare on the Move
Miami, USA
9 March 2017

mHealth Israel Conference
Tel Aviv, Israel
15 March 2017

GMSA: Messaging, the unsung hero of ICT4D
London, UK
28 March 2017

Meetmobile mHealth, tecnología móvil y salud
Valencia, Spain
30 March 2017

The future of Health: self-care, portals, mHealth, wearables & more
Wellington, New Zealand
30 March 2017

The application of Cloud tech & wearables in medicine
Taipei, Taiwan
30 March 2017

Medical apps: mainstreaming innovation
London, UK
4 April 2017

Health20 Berlin: Interoperability: Mobilize mobile health with practice and clinical systems
Berlin, Germany
5 April 2017

The 5th Annual mHealth@Duke Conference: The Lifecycle of Digital Health Science
Durham (NC), USA
12 April 2017

“Catalan mHealth hub: accreditation model for health apps”
Online Webinar
26 April 2017

mHealth Congress
Moscow, Russia
28 April 2017

Unlock the Potential of the Remote Clinical Trial
San Diego, USA
3 May 2017

BUSPH 5th Annual Mobile Health Showcase
Cambridge MA, USA
10 May 2017

Wearables London: Developing Connected Devices what to look out for
London, UK
16 May 2017

IoT World: What is IoT’s role in the future of healthcare
Santa Clara, USA
18 May 2017

Future of medicine meeting – the role of doctors in 2027
London, UK
18 May 2017

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
San Diego, USA
20-24 May 2017

Digital Health World Congress
London, UK
23-24 May 2017

Mobile Health Meetup: Getting under the skin of virtual reality
London, UK
30 May 2017

Mobile Phone Health (mHealth) promotion: research and experiences
Fitzroy (Victoria), Australia
31 May 2017

Digital Health and Insurance: a perfect partnership?
London, UK
1 June 2017

mHealth for Clinical Trials
Boston, USA
12-14 June 2017

Launch/Networking of the Horse Tech Conference**
London, UK
14 June 2017

Futurist Summit at 5G World**
London, UK
15 June 2017

NUIG mHealth Conference
Galway, Ireland
15 June 2017

Mobile Pharma Summit
New York, USA
27-28 June 2017

1st International Congress on Mobile Health Devices and Seizure Detection in Epilepsy
Copenhagen, Denmark
7-8 July 2017

ReadWrite IoT Revolution Symposium
San Francisco, USA
11 July 2017

UCLA mHealth Summer Training Institute
Los Angeles, California
6-11 August 2017

Can mHealth help accelerate progress towards ending TB?
Online Webinar
22 August 2017

mHealth Israel: Belgium’s top healthcare organisations
Tel  Aviv, Israel
5 September 2017

Mobile in Clinical Trials
Boston, USA
6 September 2017

Mobile Future Forward Executive Summit: Connected Intelligence: Man, Machine, and Platforms
Seattle, USA
7 September 2017

mHealth Israel: Clinical Trials WITHOUT errors
Haifi, Israel
12 September 2017

mHealth Israel 4th Annual Conference
Jerusalem, Israel
14 September 2017

90th Congress of the German Society of Neurology
Leipzig, Germany
20-23 September 2017

Global Body Computing Conference
Los Angeles, USA
22 September 2017

Mobile Health Meetup: Voice-based AI for Health
London, UK
6 November 2017

Exponential Medicine (Free Livestream)
San Diego, USA (you can also join us in London’s Harley Street to watch the livestream)
6-9 November 2017

Nordic Mobile Healthcare Technology Congress
Stockholm, Sweden
7-8 November 2017

HyperWellbeing Wellness as a Service Summit
Mountain View (California), USA
9-10 November 2017

mHealth Summit Europe (at World of Health IT) ** CANCELLED **
Barcelona, Spain
21-22 November 2017

Mobile Healthcare
Utretch, Netherlands
23 November 2017

mHealth Technologies for NCD Prevention in Latin America
Washington DC, USA
30 November 2017

MindTech Nation Mental Health & Technology Symposium
Royal College of Physicians London, UK
7 December 2017

Digital Healthcare Transformation Summit 2017
London, UK
12-13 December 2017

mHealth Israel: India Healthcare Overview
20 December 2017

* We’ll be there ** We’re Chairing/Presenting/Exhibiting

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