$2500 market research report claims ‘mHealth Ecosystem Market Revenue Will Hit $23 Billion by 2030’.



SNS Research: The mHealth (Mobile Healthcare) Ecosystem: 2017 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts

(HatTip: MedGadget)

While it throws about some exciting numbers (eg. “mHealth could represent up to $370 Billion in annual healthcare cost savings worldwide”) I feel this report highlights the need to consult with credible Mobile Industry analysts if you’ve any hope of accurately predicting mHealth market trends.

The mHealth market is actually worth somewhere in the region of $3Trillion (that’s why Apple’s Tim Cook is talking about it dwarfing the current $Trillion smartphone market – a market from which Apple generates more than 100% of the profit).

The scale of revenues in the mobile industry highlight why it’s not going to be $23 Billion by 2030 eg. back in 2013 MMS generated revenues that were double that figure.

Save yourself $2,484 on predictions that mHealth in 2030 will underperform the 2013 MMS market and order Tomi Ahonen’s 2016 Mobile Industry Almanac.

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