Half of US Medical Students believe that using a Mobile in front of Colleagues & Patients would make them appear less competent


An anonymous online survey of US Medical Students (2500 were asked but only 731 responded) found that while 90% thought medical apps enhance clinical knowledge and 61% considered them to be as reliable as textbooks, 53% believed that using a mobile device in front of colleagues and patients would make them appear less competent.

mHealth Insights

I think this highlights the urgent need to make quality mHealth training a compulsory part of a medical education.

Medics need to seize the opportunity to use the tools of our time and lose the misconcieved idea that it is naive to share their mobile number with Patients (this can be one of the most caring things you can offer to a Patient) or use the internet WITH Patients eg. with your access to the internet & my medical degree imagine how we could work together?

Medical Schools need to seize the opportunity and accept that medical students today will not be permitted to work as Doctors without a connected smartphone that is at least as powerful as the latest iPhone 7 with on-device storage providing instant searchable access to all the medical text and reference books that they might need to use.

Let’s be clear: the Born Mobile generation think Doctors are incompetent when they try to explain things with the help of old dog eared textbooks when there are YouTube videos for practically everything else they need to learn about.



Let’s be clear: the Born Mobile generation think it’s ridiculous that a Doctor automatically fails the MRCGP exam if they even have a mobile phone on their person because clearly we should be testing Doctors on how effectively they can use the tools that they all have with their Patients:

With your access to the internet and my medical degree can you imagine what we could achieve

Using your mobile when consulting with your Patients does not make you appear less competent but it does prove that you won’t let your ego come between doing what’s best for your Patient.

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