Will established medical device manufacturers become more than iPhone accessory brands before the mHealth decade is out?


It’s taken 7 years for GE Healthcare to release an update to the VSCan Portable Ultrasound (click here to read my review) but I can’t be the only one disappointed with the new “VScan Extend” after such a long wait.

The original V-Scan has created it’s own market that should make it easy enough for sales reps to upgrade these existing clients at replacement or lease end (as the cost of devices is negligible to Hospitals who are already relying on V-Scan’s as the performance alone will be a step up) but I think it’s clear GE need to move quicker and should be ditching the low quality screen part and making a probe that simply works via wireless connectivity or a lightening connector with an iPhone 7/7 Plus/iPad/iPad-Mini).

Especially as Philips are now in the market with their Lumify device available from just $199/month (US only) which I’ve been greatly impressed with even though it only works with certain android devices:



Surely the writing is on the wall when the world’s fastest and best selling ECG machine is a made for Mobile device that is half the size of a credit card, costs less than the cost of getting an ECG read in a Doctors office, and are given as gifts to Doctors by Drug Reps? (of course I blogged about this breakthrough device +5 years ago)

Servier Exhibition Booth at Irish Cardiac Society Meeting promoting Alivecor ECG giveaway mHealth

Perhaps GE Healthcare just needs a mHealth consultant who can help them think like the BornMobile Generation? 😉

How would that future care experience look if it was designed by a child

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