“mHealth will not phase our kids in any way”


“But since our kids have grown up with the internet, it is a given that the far-reaching capabilities of IoT and the many types of associated advanced technology, such as mHealth, will not phase our kids in any way. As mHealth continues its progression, our kids naturally will not think twice about shoes with sensors in them, Fitbits, wearables ranging from watches to underwear that are recording all types of information about their daily activities, nor about their temperatures, heart rates, blood oxygen levels, etc. — all this has become expected”

IoT Agenda: How mHealth will change our kids’ lives

I think there’s huge scope to think like the Born Mobile when we’re designing new care experiences but disagree fundamentally with how the author – Don LeLoach – thinks the Born Mobile generation are going to feel about who is paying attention to and owning their data.

I think the Born Mobile have a different mindset. They are paying attention because they know and are learning everyday about the perils of oversharing and they will think twice before wanting to give the private information about their bodies to someone else to own and control forever. mHealth services that get this wrong are going to lose trust, and trust is the currency of the new economy.

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