The HeadSmartUK campaign calls on GPs to suspect brain tumour in any child presenting with a range of non-specific & vague symptoms

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HeadSmart WebsiteRCGP Brain tumours in children toolkit

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In amongst the 340 million consults that we know GPs provide every year in England approximately 550 children and young adults will receive a diagnosis of a brain tumour – a quarter of all UK childhood cancers and the commonest cancer cause of death in children and young people.

I think it should be obvious that if we have any hope of improving detection of brain tumours we need to do more than produce a toolkit for the busy GPs that we know are seeing as many as 60 Patients a day, have signs in their waiting rooms and websites stating “We kindly ask that all patients try to stick to our one problem per consultation policy” and have receptionists who are told to refer Patients directly to A&E when they don’t have available appointments.

It’s time to ask ourselves WTF and begin to imagine what we could do if it was possible to let Patients and Carers help by giving them the opportunity to answer and document their answers to these questions BEFORE any child ever enters a GPs waiting room.

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