Mobile is cannibalising the world eating up everything

“Its now twenty years from the first fixed-mobile service bundle which launched the whole revolution of digital convergence centered around mobile. There had been digital convergence prior to mobile already on the fixed-landline-internet side but digital convergence without mobile would be… pretty pointless by now. Anything we now look at, from Big Data to IoT to Augmented Reality to Cloud Computing etc is dependent on a mobile convergence element. So lets take a stroll back through recent mobile tech history and see how we got here and where we are now going…
…It does not mean ‘only mobile’ but it means always including mobile. Then we hear from WPP (world’s largest advertising group) and their China head who say in China all advertising is mobile-first but if you don’t have a big budget, you go mobile-only. (Wow?).
…mobile took a company that didn’t know HOW it might make money, an obscure search-engine internet company, and powered it to become the second most valuable company on the planet in barely more than 10 years since they uttered the words ‘the internet will go mobile’….   
…This is how I see the future unfold as well. Mobile is cannibalizing the world eating up everything. But doing things better, easier, faster. Doing things previously not possible. And then we get a new opportunity that comes up for mobile, what happens? Mobile. Always. Wins”

Twenty Years of Digital Convergence Around Mobile: What can we learn from the Cannibal of Cannibals?

In this great post the world’s #1 Mobile Industry guru Tomi Ahonen nails the reasons why the big opportunities for healthcare are and will be in Mobile (and the convergence of technologies to Mobile).

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