The end of Smartphone innovation or is it?

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I think this The End of Smartphone Innovation post by Benedict Evans will confuse lots of people as to the opportunity we still have in Mobile. (HatTip: @Bart)

mHealth Insight

I think the key thing to understand is that Augmented Reality (AR) is the next (8th) mass media and you can do lots of it on the 7th Mass Media. Tomi Ahonen was the first to think up and explain this:

Once you appreciate AR as the next mass media it becomes quite obvious that smartphone innovation isn’t going to end just as innovation in PCs didn’t end back in 1995 when I got my first Mobile phone or innovation in TVs didn’t end when the Internet was invented – as presumably if it had your TV would still look like this natty Sony CRT one from 1989:

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So what do I think will happen?

Every year analysts will get headlines by predicting the end of a period innovation in smartphones.

Every economically viable adult on the planet is getting a smartphone and mobile technology is getting increasingly embedded into devices that we all use.

We’re going to do lots of AR with our Smartphones and SIRI/GoogleNow enabled hearing aides that we will look back at and think ‘how did I ever live without that?’.


AR will arrive and it will totally transform the concept of privacy. Everyone you ever meet will be able to identify you and do things that will make you feel very uncomfortable such as detect/diagnose things about your health. It will make the idea of going to visit a Doctor who is a stranger unthinkable.

If you want to prosper in this future you need to start exercising your imagination so go out and invest in your future today by treating yourself to the latest Smartphone and hand up your old one to someone who hasn’t got one yet because most of us aren’t using even 10% of the potential of the smartphones that are already in our pockets (many of us aren’t even being allowed to!) something that became clear to my colleague five years ago when together we watched this amazing guy in an Apple store repair a SpaceX engineers iPhone (watch this video of Joseph Danowsky showing David Pogue how he uses his iPhone to get the idea and imagine what happens when the sound is reaching the user via a comfortable silicon device that’s invisibly lodged in the ear)…

Blind Apple Store Salesman fixing a technical problem for a Space X Engineer

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