Can you really build an AI Virtual GP for £250,000?

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In the world of #DigitalHealth it seems it’s not possible to make unsubstantiated project claims that are big enough but this one is just ridiculous and undermines the quality of the publications/websites that are giving it airtime (so I won’t link to the actual article as that just fuels the insanity).

To put the ambitions of this project in perspective the Stowhealth GP Practice is likely to have at least one GP who is earning £250,000/year and all of the conditions it’s focused on helping Patients with are things GPs should be encouraging them to manage on their own (eg. here are NHS videos that already exist to help Patients self manage colds/flu (from 2008), coughs (from 2009) and hay fever (from 2008)) yet they don’t yet offer online access to anything more than summary care records and an appointment booking facility (via their EHR provider TPP).

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I find this is about as headline baiting as Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary holding a press meeting on April the 1st and saying he’s going to build a virtual self flying plane with a budget of €80,000 that will be focused on not taking customers on journeys (the artificial intelligence will be used to determine which passengers might be gullible enough to fall for it).

Note: We’ve been using history taking technologies at 3G Doctor for 10+ years and the first thing you need to know is that this is something that is incredibly complex and requires experience to build (which is why we work with the world’s experts in this area) and the NHS ReDirect & 111 services wasted >£100 Million a year proving that triaging isn’t the easy bit where you want to be cheap and try and cut corners.

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