Cancer Research UK: GPs are failing thousands of Cancer Patients

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The Royal College of General Practitioners hasn’t taken too kindly to the headline media attention generated by a Cancer Research UK funded paper published in the college’s official BJGP publication.

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I think it’s  fascinating that this paper has come just weeks since Cancer Research UK was fined by the Office of the Information Commissioner for researching and paying for data on their donors in efforts to get more money from them and their loved ones and don’t think either organisation comes out well from the finger pointing going on here.

Wouldn’t we get better outcomes if Cancer Research UK had the smart data analysts they have working on fundraising working to help Patients with the challenges of collecting and sharing of symptom information with their GPs, and shouldn’t we expect the RCGP to be doing more than just calling for new and improved diagnostic tools when we know that they don’t teach/encourage GPs to use mobile phones during consultations (and even ban their use in the membership exam) and in 2017 are promoting websites to Parents and printed toolkits to busy GPs in the hope that this will help the NHS pick up on extremely rare brain tumours in children (rather than getting behind ways that have been proven by NHS GPs to improve Patient access and help Patients share info about their symptoms).

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