How have we arrived at a situation where Doctors get annoyed when NHS Patients use Google but okay when Google uses NHS Patients?

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In an interesting discussion on Linkedin Howard Green MD (@dermhag) explains the outcome for Doctors in 2017 from the $multibillion eHealth Record companies being focused on profiteering from Patients rather than helping them. I think this is just one of the reasons why everything changes when the Medical Record is permanently carried/accessible on the device that we all own and it doesn’t surprise me that giant mobile companies like Apple (with a cash reserve of $820Billion) understand this and are making it clear that their future role in the mHealth market is on the side of Patients (and not the short term quick buck that is available if they were to focus on reimbursement/insurers).

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This month a Doctor in the USA was jailed for inappropriately browsing the Electronic Health Records at the Hospital he worked for yet no one is even talking about it being a real problem for a NHS Hospital Trust to have handed over 1.6 million NHS Patient records to Google.

It’s no longer good enough to blame Patients for wasting your time when you insist they visit you for things that you could’ve fixed for them by just pointing them to a resource on the internet.

It’s no longer good enough to tell someone who knows how to use the supercomputer in their pocket that they need to go somewhere to talk to a stranger.

With your access to the internet and my medical degree can you imagine what we could achieve

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