Are the world’s biggest Pharmacy Retailers about to be Amazonised?

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“Amazon is hiring a business lead to figure out how the company can break into the multibillion-dollar pharmacy market”.

I hope readers of this blog are applying for this job as disrupting this industry is going to be a walk in the park. To give you an idea of how easy consider this the boss of Europe’s largest Pharmacy Retailer recently told Chemist & Druggist that Amazon has no hope yet he has already installed a recording device belonging to Amazon in the boardroom of his HQ office!

While I can see challenges for Amazon I think having them competing in this market will be great for mHealth innovation because without the bricks and mortar business model and reliance on existing healthcare system revenue streams Amazon will be able to get on with the innovations that Patients and Carers are crying out for eg. can you imagine the expensive education the lawyers at Amazon would have given the civil servants at the HSE?

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