Apple is getting to decide which Medical Device brands Win or Lose…

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.39.48

Christina Farr at CNBC reports on how a mention at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference of how the Apple Watch will link via bluetooth with a continuous glucose monitor from Dexcom caused the companies stock to spike by more than 6%.


I’m surprised diabetes device investors were surprised by this development (because the bigger opportunity probably lies in a Carer/Parent being able to get notifications on their Apple Watch) but I checked out the prices at rival device makers and any harm resulting from Apple showing favour to a competitor has had on their share prices isn’t so clear as they have much bigger market capitalisations and a spread of different devices/revenues but I think it’s obvious that Apple is now in a position to polarise the medical device market.

With the world’s biggest imaging companies all desperate to find ways of not becoming inexpensive iPhone/iPad accessory brands it’s high time the big medical device companies got their mHealth strategies in order and went Mobile First as their Polaroid Moment has come

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