Share: The surefire way to ensure a Sickcare Society won’t invite you back

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How the American Diabetes Society Unleashed The Streisand Effect by Marie Ennis-O’Connor explains how outdated social media practices are at last back firing on the large sickcare conference organisers/societies that use them to try and maintain their commercial interests.

A couple of years ago I made the mistake of recording and sharing (freely on YouTube) the talk and slides that I was paid/invited to give at the biannual World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver (the world’s biggest diabetes industry conference). It remains the only talk from the entire event that you  can find online (and there were over 300+ hours of presentations given by experts who travelled from every corner of the world).

By taking this step we’ve built a little more trust with Patients, Carers and Clinicians but guess who won’t be invited to ever again present at an International Diabetes Federation Congress?

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