Is Apple going to buy Primary Care Clinics or have Reporters taken the bait?

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 18.56.52

CNBC’s Chrissy Farr reports that Apple has explored buying a “medical-clinic start-up as part of a bigger push into health care” and while I think it would makes a whole lot of sense for Apple to own the company that provides the on-site medical clinic’s for their own staff and it’s clearly going to need to hire some smart people with sector experience to realise it’s goals (and even a ‘startup’ that has already raised +$100 Million is inexpensive when you have Apple’s $250 Billion cash reserves) I can’t see this being a positive strategic move for the brand that thinks it’s mHealth revenues will dwarf the $trillion smartphone market and appreciates the enormous opportunities that emerge when you don’t care about reimbursement.

I still hold out hope that Apple is going to completely side step the insurance reimbursed primary care model as that’s what’s fundamentally undermining the US healthcare system and give customers something that’s not fixated on the age old but now definitely broken office-visit-only model. If you’re not living in the US or don’t understand why having insurance that covers primary care services imagine your car insurance was sold in a way that included things like car washes, replacement tyres, oil changes, stone chip repairs, and fuel.

Checking out the Crossover Health website and while it seems the clinic design is very inline with that of an Apple Retail Store it’s a little surprising to see acupuncture treatments prominently featured on the homepage and surely if the company was trying for an exit to Apple we wouldn’t be seeing the clinicians(?) there using Microsoft Surface tablets…

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