Taking care of hundreds of kids in the world’s leading children’s Hospitals: There’s an App for that!

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“An app designed by Great Ormond Street Hospital staff that replaces the traditional clipboard at the end of patients’ beds has saved thousands of nursing hours and been hailed as a pioneering use of technology.

Developed by GOSH clinical site practitioner and nurse Sarah Newcombe, the app enables staff to enter the vital signs of up to 350 patients using handheld devices rather than with pen and paper.

The system generates automatic alerts to relevant specialist teams at the hospital if patients show signs of deterioration.

It also enables staff to communicate directly with each other, and crucially they do not need to leave the bedside if they require help with acutely ill patients”

Patient app ‘saves thousands of nursing hours’, Paul Kelso, Health Correspondent, SkyNews.

I’ve reached out to a Clinician I know well who works at GOSH and look forward to getting a demo of the iPhone/iPad app in the next few weeks (and hopefully being allowed to share my thoughts with the team there, here on the mHealth Insight blog and in an update to the mHealth for Healthcare Professionals course that I produce for the Healthcare Informatics Society).

It’ll be interesting to see where this can go next as there’s now the potential to add a lot of additional easy to use sensors and for GOSH to develop remote monitoring services (eg. sending children home with mHealth tech and apps) that Children and Carers around the world can benefit from.

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