Lecture Notes: How would the BornMobile generation redesign Medicine & what’s the future role of the Doctor?

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In March I’ve been asked to provide two lectures to the students at one of the world’s best medical schools. The title of the first: “How would the BornMobile Generation redesign Medicine” and the second “The future role of the Doctor”.

I thought it would be helpful to share my working notes for the lectures. I’ll then update this post with the slides and then (with agreement of the University) hopefully a video of me giving the lecture.

If you have any ideas/suggestions please add them in the comments or by sending them to us in an email.

How would the BornMobile generation redesign medicine?

Introduction (who I am, why I’m giving this talk)

Why it took me 20 years to work out that the person who taught me the most at medical school was the Parent of a sick child.

How the BornMobile generation brought up with a poster of a “Tesla Roadster in space” on their bedroom wall redesign healthcare (VIDEO DEMO)

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 23.41.39

Comparison of ‘What do we all hope and want to do (our visions for what could be)’ and ‘What Doctors today are being made to do today (AKA the status quo)’.

Examples of how medicine would look if you applied Mobile First design

Call to action: what you can do today.


The future role of the Doctor

Introduction (who I am, why I’m giving this talk)

Comparison of ‘How Doctors work today (AKA the status quo)’ and ‘How we  want them to care for our mothers and children (our vision for what could be)’.

What skills and experiences are we going to need to develop and prioritise

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