Join us at the Global Clinical Trials Connect 2018, 25-26 April, London

Global Clinical Trials Connect

On Thursday the 26th April 2018 we’ll be presenting on Mobile First Clinical Trial Design at the Global Clinical Trials Connect 2018 Conference in London.


“The Global Clinical Trials Connect 2018 conference focuses on introducing pioneer technology, developing better patient engagement and collaborating strategies in clinical trials. With the right commitment and attention to detail, contract research organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies can drive collaboration with greater efficiency.

The global pharmaceutical industry has seen a downturn in recent years because of the challenges and cost associated with pharmaceutical development, procrastination in drug development, etc. Clinical trials field is also faced with such challenges. Cases of failures, cost and delay are high. It is high time that we look into innovative strategies, new technologies, effective and quality collaborations to address these issues, which can cater to the needs of the patient and the industry. Due to complex clinical trials and bygone data standardization methods, we need algorithms and lucrative strategies that will enhance the clinical trials outcomes. There are vast data collected across clinical trial process, the standardization of these data will turn into an opportunity for companies to trap the information and raise clinical trial design, patient recruitment, monitoring insights and augment decision-making”

Key Topics:

Partnership & Collaboration – Sponsors, CROs, Sites and External Vendors
Outsourcing strategies and models
Patient centric clinical trials
Real World Clinical Trial Strategies
Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment and Electronic Patient Reported Outcome
Clinical Technology and Driving Innovation
M-Health, Wearable and Consumer Technology
Artificial Intelligence Technology in Clinical trials
Patient Recruitment and Site selection
Keeping the Patients Informed After the Trial – Post-Clinical Trial closed communities
How to future proof your clinical operations
Data Quality & Technology
Big-Data and IoT in Clinical Trials
Clinical Data Strategy & Analytics
Implementing Risk Based Monitoring
Streamlining R&D and lower costs in clinical trials
Adaptive Trial Model
Clinical Trial Auditing
ResearchKit & Mobile First Clinical Trial Design

Speakers include:

Sam Adamson, Business Development Manager, Australia, NZ & USA, GreenLight Clinical outsourcing & Clinical Trials.

Aji Barot, Business Development Director, HealthUnlocked

Kate Chapman, Director, Clinical Technology Consultants (Former Associate Director, Interactive Response Technology Services, Shire Pharmaceuticals)

Lucy Clossick Thomson, Director Clinical Operations Strategy, AstraZeneca

Sarah Cooper, Business Development Manager, NIHR Clinical Research Network

Emma D’Arcy-Sutcliffe, Director, Patient Engagement and Innovation, NexGen Healthcare Communications

David Doherty, cofounder, 3G Doctor

Rita Fitzpatrick, General Manager, ESMS Global

Kylie Gyertson, Head of CCTU, UCLH

Oleksandr Karpenko MD MBA, Managing Director, Olexacon

Disa Lee Choun, Director Head, Data Acquisition, UCB

Nancy Meyerson-Hess, Associate Partner, admedicum Business for Patients (Chair)

Gjon Mirdita, Head of Site Management, Key Markets, R&D Solutions, NEMEA & CESE, IQVIA

Sheuli Porkess, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, ABPI

Nawab Qizilbash, Clinical Epidemiologist & Head, OXON Epidemiology

Michael Ramcharan, Managing Director, Reumat Consulting

Belle Roels, Head of Clinical Operations UK and Ireland, GSK

Tom Ruane, Global Head of Patient Recruitment, Parexel

Victor Sastre, Senior MSL, Coordinator of the MSL Working Group AMIFE

Nico Schönig, Senior Data Analyst Global Clinical Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim

Vasil Todorov, Clinical Program Leader, GSK

Mike Tremblay, Founder & CSO, Volv global

Max Woolley, R&D Manager, Pre-Clinical Lead, Drug Delivery, Device Design & Development, Renishaw

Get in touch via the comments if you’ll be in London and would like to meet up. Refresh this page on Friday April 27th 2018 for my slides and a video of the talk. In the meantime you might like to watch a presentation I gave a couple of years ago on the topic of “What would happen if we took a Mobile First approach when designing Clinical Trials”:


Video coming soon…

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