Study from the USA finds that Mental Health Patients trust Apple & Google more than their Doctors

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“Study: Majority of mental health patients would consider giving clinicians access to phone behaviors, locations” MobiHealthNews (Patient Willingness to Consent to Mobile Phone Data Collection for Mental Health Apps: Structured Questionnaire).

mHealth Insight

For more than a decade we’ve been vainly telling anyone who would listen about the urgent need and potential for mHealth and taking a mobile first approach to designing caring services but this report’s findings are very revealing.

“Researchers found that 41 percent of responders said they would be willing to install an app that would help doctors better diagnose mental health problems and provide treatment. An additional 43 percent said that they “may be willing to use such an app, provided they were given more information about how the app functioned.” Sixteen percent said they were not willing to use such an app”

I think the positive conclusions being made in this study are completely wrong. We live in a time when 99% of medics don’t realise that most of their Patients are already (perhaps unwillingly or unknowingly) sharing info with Apple and Google (and all their various affiliates and advertisers) that they would not even consider sharing with them…

Maybe this is why Apple’s CEO is making statements about how mHealth revenues at the world’s most profitable corporation are going to dwarf the revenues they make from their current business.

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Some interesting feedback from posting this on Linkedin:

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