CNBC: AliveCor CEO on Kardia vs. Apple Watch

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A masterclass in leadership here by Alivecor CEO Vic Gundotra in conversation with CNBC.

On competition from the world’s most affluent and profitable corporation:

“we were kind of like a lone voice in the wilderness, like a restaurant in a remote part of town, and Apple have opened up the biggest restaurant right next to us and so we’ve got to congratulate Apple for bringing awareness to this space – that you can take a lifesaving EKG at home – and I don’t think most people realise that heart disease is the biggest killer in the world”

On why Alivecor is grateful for Apple entering into this space:

“we have a $99 product and it turns out the people who need this device the most are those that can afford it the least. So if you can’t afford a $400-$500 Apple Watch our $99 product is a pretty good way to go”

On if Alivecor will be able to compete with Apple’s marketing might:

“Apple just gave every Android user a life saving reason to move to their platform and of course they’ve got to be commended for that. But at Alivecor we’re not standing still. Today on CNBC we’re introducing our next generation device which is quite an extraordinary leap. today’s device is a single lead device like the new Apple Watch but the new device is 6 lead and it can give you 6 times the resolution for you and your cardiologist to see and really it goes after the holy grail, today you can detect AFib but you cannot pick up the earliest signs of a heart attack. Our goal, pending FDA clearance, is that we will be able to pick up the earliest signs of a heart attack even possibly before you are even feeling symptoms”  


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