mHealth Events to attend in 2020

mHealth Events 2015

In 2019 there were just 22 mHealth events held around the world (in the USA, Israel, UK, Spain, Dublin, France and India). You can click here to view the events that were held in 201920182017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

If you know of any events please add them as a comment below and I’ll update this listing to make this another definitive listing:

“How would the BornMobile generation redesign Medicine?” & “The Future role of the Doctor“ Lectures
UCD Medical School, Ireland
5 February 2020

The European mHealth Knowledge and Innovation Hub Launch Event
Geneva, Switzerland
18 Feb 2020

mHealth in times of Crisis: the Coronavirus
London, UK (& Free Livestream)
24 February 2020

mHealth App Developer Workshop
London, UK
26 February 2020

Digital Health Oxford (Video Consultations in Healthcare: examples from the US & the UK)
Oxford, UK
3 March 2020

Are you an innovator working in mHealth?
Birmingham, UK
4 March 2020

WHO Symposium on the Future of Digital Health Systems 2.0
Copenhagen, Denmark
4-5 March 2020

HIMSS 2020 Global Health Conference & Exhibition
Orlando, USA
9-13 March 2020

London Futurists: What can we learn from the COVID19 Crisis
14 March 2020

mHealth Israel: Confronting CORONA – Global Best Practices
19 March 2020

High Street Clinic Conference
London, UK
19 March 2020

Apps in Healthcare
Berlin, Germany
19 March 2020

High Street Clinic Conference 2020
Royal Pharmaceutical Society HQ London, UK
19 March 2020

mHealth App Developer Workshop
Leeds, UK
24 April 2020

IMPACCT: mHealth in Clinical Trials 2020
Boston, USA
July 2020

Mobile Health Exhibition & Conference
26 August 2020

Mobile Digital Health Devices: The COVID19 Pandemic Impact & Mobile Digital HealthRoadmap
India (Online)
11 November 2020

5G & Healthcare
Netherlands (Online)
12 November 2020

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