Mobile Monday Amsterdam #14 mHealth Review

On Monday 25 January 2010 Mobile Monday Amsterdam organised a mHealth themed event which was the first for this global community and I think it’s evidence of the increasing awareness amongst the mobile community to harness mobiles for the delivery of better healthcare.

The event was held in the truly magnificent De Duif (pictured above), in the beautiful snow covered Amsterdam, and attended by a crowd of 400+ thanks to the organisational efforts of Maarten den Braber, Marc Fonteijn, Yuri van Geest, Sam Warnaars, Matijn Pannevis and Andreas Gerolemou and Sponsors Vodafone, Logica, Nedstat, cm. and Skyhook Wireless. I’ve never seen such a well organised free-to-attend event and I’m not sure whether this has more to do with the talents of this experienced team or the passion that they most certainly had for this subject.

I was very grateful to have been invited to speak on Mobile Connected Health and the work we’re doing at 3G Doctor, but I was quite amazed at the diversity and quality of the other speakers so I decided to write it all up with my personal opinions in a review article (like I did following the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit recently). Please click on the following names to review my thoughts on their individual contributions… your feedback/discussion of my comments as always are greatly appreciated:

> The organisers and organisation
> Bart Collet – Carehome Owner (LinkedIn, Twitter)
> Nick Hunn – Bluetooth Technology Evangelist (LinkedIn, Website)
> Jeana Frost, Experience Designer, PatientsLikeMe (Website, Twitter)
> Robert Houtenbos, Internet Manager, Univé-VGZ-IZA-Trias (Twitter)
> David Doherty – 3G Doctor (LinkedIn, Conference, Twitter, Blog)
> Ivor Kovic, Founder, Open ECG Project (LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog)
> Fabio Sergio, Creative Director, Frog Design (LinkedIn, Twitter)
> Jen S. McCabe, Founder, Contagion Health (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Check out pictures from the event here on FlickR, view the SlideShows on SlideShare and of course watch the Video:

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