Low Cost Smartphone Case that’s going to transform Cardiac Monitoring

Serial entrepreneur Dr David Albert has released the above video of the new Smartphone case that he’s developed. Featuring electrodes and retailing at less than <$100 it’s capable of transforming the phone into a web-connected cardiac event recorder capable of remotely sharing a clinical quality ECG.

The company is scheduling appointments with media and potential retail/carrier/devicemaker/pharma partners at next weeks CES event in Las Vegas (on the Oregon Scientific Inc booth (South Hall Lower Level – S117/8)). For further info contact [email protected] or visit AliveCor.

As a big fan of accessory hardware to permit rapid mHealth innovation (eg. Cases, Insertable Cartridge Slots) I can’t wait to see the innovative new apps and remote monitoring services that are going to be created with this accessory because until now we’ve only had very expensive low volume devices that could offer similar capabilities.

I can also see enormous scope for further development of this technology eg convergence with the rugged & water resistant (washable) designs like that offered by the Magellan Toughcase:

12 Responses to Low Cost Smartphone Case that’s going to transform Cardiac Monitoring

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Deborah Elzie. Deborah Elzie said: RT @3GDoctor: Low Cost Mobile Smartphone Case that's set to transform Cardiac Monitoring http://wp.me/pdYEo-1W1 cc @vicmiclovch […]

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  3. […] News of David’s transformational idea pandemic started out here on 29th December 2010 and really highlights the fact that straight line thinking is behind us and reminds us of the enormous power of online communities to propel mHealth ideas… […]

  4. […] to note that the last time I was so gushing about the potential of new M2M mhealth device it was the alivecor ECG case for the iPhone that a week later was featured on good morning America and last week announced a $3 million […]

  5. […] Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of this innovation but it continues to amaze me how the main stream media seem to be so convinced that the appeal of this product is going to be in emerging market medicine. Watching this video you get the feeling that Market Watch isn’t aware that Pfizer (worth $145 billion) knocked up more than $10 Billion in sales of Lipitor (Atorvastatin) last year. Imagine the patient experience that mHealth service providers will be deliver when we can have biofeedback loops powered by such readily accessible and reliable data? […]

  6. […] in a wide range of test environments. If you’re unfamiliar with this remarkable innovation please read this post detailing my initial thoughts and watch the following video introducing the Alivecor iPhone […]

  7. […] to say through personal experience with such patients this was obvious to me when I first clapped eyes on Dr Dave’s wonderful invention! Share this:ShareTwitterEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  8. […] Similarly the ability to copy things is exactly what’s enabling innovations to go viral and in turn driving the public awareness of the best of breed mHealth tech. A brilliant example of this is the video of Dr Dave Albert’s “fake-as-B***h iPhone ECG&#…. […]

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  11. […] “10 years ago it was unthinkable that we could move beyond criminalising Patients who misused opiates…” Narcotics Officer […]

  12. […] the vision, passion and product expertise required to follow Alivecor‘s meteoric rise from Dr Albert’s original Fake-as-***** YouTube video in 2010 to being the FDA Cleared trailblazer for the mHealth monitoring market with more than 22 published […]

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