Vinod Khosla showcases mHealth tech at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Following on from Alivecor’s demo during Paul Jacob’s keynote opening talk at CES (the biggest ever convention that Las Vegas has ever hosted) I now cannot imagine there are many left in the tech community that still haven’t heard about the Alivecor’s ECG mHealth technology (read notes on our experiences with the tech here).

My thoughts on Michael Arrington’s interview:

> Great to hear Vinod’s priority for hiring (“thing I spend most of my time doing”) and to find it’s so contagious to the startups he’s working with eg. Alivecor:

> His big data approach is also very interesting – Healthcare data has a lot of questions that decision makers don’t know that they need to ask.

> “Fashion CleanTech” gives me the idea that we should probably also talk about “Fashion mHealth” for all those initiatives we see that are bloated by subsidies and dying for the lack of innovation and disconnected from the realities of the market.

> He gets a hard time from Michael on his interest in some of the most critical challenges humanity faces (Zero energy HVAC = boring, Synthetic beef = who wants protein hey?) and I think this put him off his swing just before he introduces the Alivecor ECG device (hence his reference to this important medical innovation as his latest “toy”).

> His comments on Vinod’s recent “Do you need to be a jerk to be a successful entrepreneur” TechCrunch article refers to the need to be intolerant and to tell people directly when they are screwing up to get the best results. I wonder if he realises the relation this has to the way Doctors and Patients communicate?

The way I see it the lawyers in the US prevent Doctors and the informational asymmetry and lack of documentation prevents Patients being able to communicate effectively, so maybe the Dr A he’s so enthusiastic about should focus on fixing this challenge so that Patients and Doctors can be much more honest and direct with one another?

HatTip: Melissa Little, Consultant, LittleMore Consulting (over in the Linkedin mHealth networking group)

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7 Responses to Vinod Khosla showcases mHealth tech at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

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  2. Justin says:

    At around the 5 minute mark of Arrington’s interview with Vinod, Vinod mentions a company that helps companies “figure out what questions to ask the data.” He mentions a demonstration which helped to figure out what keywords to use in a Yahoo advert.

    Do you know what company he was referring to? I couldn’t make out the name. Thanks!

    • It’s probably ParStream ( as this is a real time data analytics platform that Khosla Ventures have backed.

      • Justin says:

        The name he mentions is not ParStream I don’t think (sounds nothing like it). Can you make out what name he says?

      • Justin says:

        It’s not ParStream I don’t think (the name he mentions sounds nothing like it). Can you make out what he says?

      • Not sure but save yourself the investment as I assure you that the best answer to that question (what day is best to advertise on Yahoo’s ad network) isn’t a day of the week but probably something alone the lines of “never, go back to the drawing board, read Communities Dominate Brands and better define your strategic objectives” 😉

        In the mHealth market most of the questions we need to ask are already known by Doctors and are already incorporated into the interactive medical history taking questionnaire that we’ve integrated into our service here at 3G Doctor. Of course if you (or any computers) can think of any that can help Patients and Doctors communicate better we’re always looking at add more…

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