RCGP Chair claims UK GPs can no longer deliver safe care because they are too overstretched

Telegraph GPs can no longer provide safe care

This Telegraph article quoting Dr Clare Gerada (Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners who feeling pressure from the persistent media blame being levelled at GPs felt the time was right to tell a few home truths) highlights the extent to which Primary Care has been stretched in the UK.

Perhaps it’s about time the NHS adopted the published best practice that Prof John Bachman MD, Prof of Primary Care at the Mayo Clinic, has shared in this 2009 Mayo Clinic Proceedings paper that showed how through the use of an online interactive patient history taking tool (an adaptation of which we utilise as a key part of the documented consultations we offer here at 3G Doctor) it is possible to make 40% of office visits unnecessary.

For how long more can the front line of our healthcare system continue to resist using the tools of our time?

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