Meet with us at the Digit@l Health Summit Turkey

Digital Health Summit Turkey 2013

The final program has now been posted and in a fortnights time we’ll be presenting at the Digital Health Summit Turkey being held at the Maslak Sheraton Hotel in Istanbul sharing our mHealth experiences and providing delegates with a demo of the 3G Doctor documented mobile video consultation process together with an overview of as many of the powerful mHealth tech innovations that we’re seeing having an impact on how care is delivered around the world as I can share in 30 minutes eg. the Alivecor ECG, Telcare Mobile Connected BG Monitor, FireText Mobile Connected Smoke Alarm, SenCit Mobile Connected Care Monitor, rich made for mobile educational content, Natural Language Controlled Interfaces, etc.

I’ll be trying my very best to share news of the interesting mHealth developments that I’ll get a chance to experience on my visit to Turkey so please get in touch if you’re attending and have something you’d like to show me (I’ll be arriving Wed pm and leaving on Saturday pm). Readers should expect great things eg. Avea – the Turkish 3G Mobile operator that’s the Gold Sponsor for the meeting – was the first telco in the world to launch a 3G Doctor styled service (together with Acibadem Hospital Group back in 2010), by 2011 Turkcell – the largest telco in Turkey – had 1 in 3 of all the pregnant women in the country subscribing to it’s mHealth content, etc.

Here’s the draft copy of the slidedeck I’ll be using:

Get involved:

Click here to register to attend (ticket price is only €575). If you can’t make it be sure to keep your finger on the pulse of developments from the region by following the Digital Health Turkey Twitter Group, join the events Digital Health Linkedin Group and follow Tweets from the event via the #DHSTurkey hashtag.

Event sponsors will include:

Avea (Gold)

Intel & Microsoft (Silver)

Acibadem (Bronze)

The full speaker list will include:

Gizem Bıçakçı Akalın, New Marketing Models Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

Kıvanç Akdeniz, Digital Marketing Specialist, Bilim İlaç

K. Levent Arslan, Sales Director, Janssen Pharmaceutical

Koray Atak, Product Manager, Lundbeck

Yasemin Ayginin, Corporate Communications Manager, Pfizer

Adv. Ceylin Beyli, Founder & Managing Lawyer, CBL Law Office

Can Bilgili MD Prof, Health Promotion Association Board Member

Şuayip Birinci MD, General Secretary, Istanbul Anatolia North Community Hospitals Association

Serra Bozkurt, Turkey and MENA Region Medical Team President, GfK

Şükrü Bozluolçay, M.D., Chairman of the Board, Bozlu Holding

Buket Çalkaya, Dancing with Cancer Association

Özgün Demir, Regional eMultiChannel Excellence Manager, Bayer

Sertaç Doğanay MD, Founder & General Coordinator, Social Touch Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Tek Doz Dijital

Seray Doğanyiğit, Research Assistant, Bilgi Universty

David Doherty, CoFounder & Director, 3G Doctor

Fatmanur Erdoğan, Executive Director, IPPA Istanbul Positive Psychology Academy

Sinem Erentürk, Head of Health, Project House Health

Ufuk Fakioğlu, Founder, Pyksys

Andonis Filippidis, General Manager, DataSel

Pınar Gencer, Brand Manager, Sanofi

Şengül Hablemitoğlu, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Lecturer in the Social Services Department at Ankara University

Rainer Herzog, Managing Director, HIMSS Analytics Europe

Nevrez Koylan MD Prof, Cardiologist, Anadolu Health Group

Merve Mıhçakan, Marketing Manager. Sanofi (CNS & Urology)

Barış Mumyakmaz, Journalist-Translator, bianet

Pelin Narinç, Digital Marketing Effectiveness, Sanofi

Adem Onar, General Manager of Service Providing, Social Security Administration

S. Haluk Özsarı, M.D. Asst. Prof, General Director, Istanbul University

Canan Perdahlı, The European Breast Cancer Coalition – (Europa Donna) Turkey Board Member/Social Media and Communications Officer

Gülseher Sanaç, Department Head, Health Insurance Software

Selim Sarıyerli, CLM & E-Marketing Manager, Novo Nordisk

Gözde Seven MD, Project Director, Intro Grup

Gökhan Sezginer, Founder,

Bingür Sönmez, MD Prof, Coronary Surgery Department Head, Memorial Hospital

Cenk Tezcan MD, Mobile Health Specialist

Şulecan Dalbudak Toközlü, President, Arti Değer Healthcare Communications Agency

Mine Tuncel, Head of Health Development Association

Özgür Turgay MD, General Manager, Acıbadem Mobile Healthcare

Emrah Uslu, Technical Project Manager, TCM

Cavit Yantaç, Vice President, Microsoft Turkey

Yaprak Yapsan, Director, İdecon & İdea

Bora Can Yıldız, President, Intro Grup

Engin Yıldız, Sales Access Manager, Janssen Pharmaceutical

Elgiz Yılmaz, Asst. Prof, Head of the GSU Department of Communication Faculty of Interpersonal Communications

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