Join us at the mHealth Education Conference, Dublin

mHealth Ed Conference Dublin September 2013

Join us in Dublin this Thursday/Friday 12/13th September 2013 for the mHealthEd Conference the third annual event organised by the iHeed Institute to share learning and best practice in mHealth Education.

iHeed is a social enterprise based in Mitchelstown (only 100 miles from us here in rural Ireland) that’s dedicated to supporting innovation and health education in developing countries and it’s working with an illustrious list of Partners and Sponsors to put together this important international conference including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Norad, Boots, the Irish College of General Practitioners, Science Foundation Ireland, Health Founders, Irish Forum for Global Health, mHealth Alliance, Irish School of Animation, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Royal College of Physicians Ireland and the Irish Health Service Executive.

Why is mHealth Ed important?

8.8 million children under five die every year in sub-Saharan Africa, the vast majority with no health care whatsoever. To provide the approximately 820,000 doctors and nurses required through conventional training will take 20 years and cost $33 billion that is not available. By utilizing best practice in health education, distance learning and mobile technology we can develop solutions that allow for much faster training and on-going support of health workers in developing countries. By providing those solutions to NGOs, IGOs and Governments we can play a vital role in developing sustainable, locally-led and fully staffed public health systems. We can reduce child and maternal mortality by millions, and improve daily quality of life for tens of millions more

Why Now?

The developing world is experiencing a communications revolution. Across Asia, Latin America and most recently Africa, network coverage is rapidly expanding, calling costs are falling and mobile phone ownership is sky-rocketing. For the first time, the tools are in place to bring information and knowledge to rural and remote communities in a fast, scalable and low-cost way. This revolution will have many economic and social impacts. We feel lower mortality, better health and longer lives is an impact worth fighting for


Trip Allport, Senior Manager Strategy Consulting, Accenture (South Africa)
Peter Benjamin, mHealth Capacity Building and emHELP Program (South Africa)
Barbara Bulc, President, Global Development (Switzerland)
Robert Cairnduff, COO, 3D4Medical (Ireland)
Mark Davey, CEO , IQequity & President, DAM Foundation (UK)
Paul Ellingstad, Sustainability and Social Innovation, HP (Ireland)
Rikin Gandhi, CEO, Digital Green (India)
Vicky Hausman, Partner, Dalberg Global Development Advisors (USA)
Ben Hennessy, Freelance Artist, Bennessy (Ireland)
Karin Kallander, Regional Programme Coordinator, Malaria Consortium (Uganda)
Firdaus Kharas, Chairman & Exec Producer, Chocolate Moose Media (Canada)
Candy Kugel, Co-owner, Buzzco Associates (USA)
Alain Labrique, Founding Director, Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative (USA)
Gareth Lee, Animation Programme Leader, Irish School of Animation (Ireland)
Kimberley Littlemore, Director, Little Fox Communications (UK)
Kat Mason, CEO, Medical Aid Films (UK)
Patricia Mechael, Executive Director, mHealth Alliance (USA)
Dr Garrett L Mehl, Scientist, WHO (Switzerland)
Dr Marc D. Mitchell, Lecturer on Global Health, Harvard School of Public Health (USA)
Sumner Murphy, Founder, Mobento (UK)
Mwendwa Mwenesi, mHealth National Coordinator, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Tanzania)
Tom O’Callaghan, CEO & Co-Founder, iHeed (Ireland)
Kieran Ryan, Irish College of General Practitioners (Ireland)
Daniel Snaddon, Lead Animator, Triggerfish Animation Studios (South Africa)
Mandy Sugrue, Community Manager, mHealth Alliance/UN (USA)
Narayan Sundararajan, Global Healthcare Program Manager, Intel Corporation (USA)
Deborah Van Dyke, Founder, Global Health Media Project (USA)
Joan Vogelesang, President & CEO, Toon Boom Animation Inc. (Canada)
Nand Wadhwani, Founder, HealthPhone and Founding Trustee, The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust (Hong Kong)
Dr Johnny Walker, Founder & President, Health Founders (Ireland)
Niall Winter, Account Manager, Global Knowledge Training (Ireland)

Register now

The meeting is recognised for CPD (12 external CPD credits) and there are a few tickets still available for the 2 day meeting at a cost of only €250 (+VAT). Register here now.

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