My 10 year old Grandson can’t understand why his Mother can’t FaceTime a Doctor

…All we’ve got are lots of apps but in the real fundamental sickness business as opposed to health business how many people are able to FaceTime their Doctor? Can you Skype your Doctor? Probably not, why is that?… …I think the expectation (amongst consumers) is definitely there, I’ll give you a quick example: my 10-year-old grandson three weeks ago woke up with a high-temperature and his mother says “you can’t go to school”. “I wanna go to school” – which is unusual for a ten year old I know – “but I want to go to school” and she said “you’ve got to see a Doctor” so he handed her his iPad and said “can you get the Doctor on FaceTime?”. And she said “no” and he said “why? I can speak to my friends on FaceTime I can speak with Grandad but I can’t speak to my Doctor”. That’s a fundamental problem…

Brian O’Connor, Director & Chairman, ECHAlliance (formerly the EU mHealth Alliance).

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“My mother is 93 years old and has an iPad. She wants to know why she can’t FaceTime the practice nurse. So do I”

If the ‘Born Mobile’ generation is baffled by the iconic Sony Walkman how will they ever understand unconnected Medical Devices?

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