The data from your Apple Watch could be used to accurately predict your risk of dying in the next decade

Scary mHealth message from my Apple Watch
Analyzing data from 58,000 heart stress tests, Johns Hopkins cardiologists report they have developed a formula that estimates one’s risk of dying over a decade based on a person’s ability to exercise on a treadmill at an increasing speed and incline… …the new algorithm, dubbed the FIT Treadmill Score and described in the March 2 issue of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, can gauge long-term death risk in anyone based solely on treadmill exercise performance

Makes it a little easier to appreciate how wearable devices like the Watch Apple (that is launching on Monday) are going to kill the $Trillion p/a Healthcare Insurance Industry.

If you want to understand the challenges that society faces as mobile tech becomes ever more pervasive you must not miss a second of these inspiring chats between FullPower CEO Phillipe Kahn and Ubergizmo’s Eliane Fiolet.

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