Does Tim Cook have plans to define this decade by making “iPhone” synonymous with “mHealth”?

Will mHealth be the most profound change iPhone will make

In 2009 when Tomi Ahonen (the world’s most accurate mobile industry analyst) accurately predicted that the last decade would come to be known as the Nokia Decade I asked if the next decade would be defined by the convergence of health and mobile (the newest mass media).

It seems clear to me that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple (set to be the world’s first company to be valued at a $Trillion with a current cash pile in excess of $178Billion), might have some plans for the iPhone to define this decade by being the brand that becomes synonymous with mHealth.

HatTip: mHealthNews

****** UPDATE 18th MAY 2015 ******

On Sunday Tim Cook gave the commencement speech at George Washington University that revealed insights into his journey to CEO of the world’s largest company and the priority Steve Jobs placed on mHealth roles for the smartphone eg. when talking about the vision Steve had for Apple devices to help others topping the list were examples of them helping overcome disabilities or isolation:

…In 1998 I was also adrift, rudderless. I knew who I was in my personal life and I kept my eye on my North Star, my responsibility to do good for someone else other than myself but at work well I always figured that work was work, values had their place and yes they were things I wanted to change in the world but I thought I had to do that in my own time, not in the office. Steve (Jobs) didn’t see it that way, he was an idealist and in that way he reminded me of how I felt as a teenager. In that first meeting he convinced me that if we worked hard and made great products we too could help change the world. And to my surprise I was hooked I took the job and changed my life. It’s been seventeen years and I have not once looked back. At Apple we believe work should be about more than improving your own self. It’s about improving the lives of others as well. Our products do amazing things and just as Steve envisioned they empower people all over the world. People who are blind and need information read to them because they can’t see the screen. People for whom technology is a lifeline because they’re isolated by distance or disability. People who witness injustice and want to expose it, now they can because they have a camera in their pocket all the time…

Blind Apple Store Salesman fixing a technical problem for a Space X Engineer

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