Mobile Health Meetup London launches with Max Little sharing his experience working with Apple’s ResearchKit

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A full house (all 40 tickets were taken and there was a waiting list) welcomed the first Open mHealth Mobile Health Meetup to London on Monday and Max Little gave a great talk about his work with the University of Rochester and Sage Bionetworks to create the mPower Apple ResearchKit app to precisely measure data such as dexterity, balance, memory, and gait in an effort to better understand how various symptoms are connected to Parkinson’s disease:

mPower ResearchKit App

…(50min) I’m not an expert but for sure i know that there are significant examples happening in this kind of field you can even consider that there will be a point in time when we can do continuous proteomics and that’s an enormously powerful idea that we can basically collect continuous protein expression over a period of time and do this very very cheaply so this is coming, this is happening as we speak for sure I know this. And the same thing is happening with geneomics as well, even more so. If anyhting the developments in Geneomics in sequencing technology are happening much more rapidly than anything like smartphones or anything like consumer recruitment or consumer adoption it’s just that we’re starting from much further behind but that’s going to catch up incredibly rapidly. So these things will just hit a point where you realise that it’s now feasible to do whole exome sequencing for 100,000 people for a few $10’s or something like that. Now at that point you’re talking about collecting spit samples from people but you may even be able to send out disposable bits of technology that people will be able use to collect spit samples all by themselves. So I don’t see that being an issue. Moreover I see the issue being that we’re not thinking about it now. So we’re not thinking about what we should be collecting now that will mean that subsequently down the line we have a way to link this back to what we’re collecting. So in a way you can’t think about these studies as starting with a particular technology and by the time it finishes the technology is the same. That’s not going to be true. So an example of this would be the (Apple) Watch based platforms. So they have the opportunity to be on your arm on your skin so that means they collect for example heart rate information but more importantly they collect blood flow information continually so that can tell you about things like not only pulse rate but things that are much more interesting like ECG morphology which might tell you about things like long QT or heart rate variability. So if you collect this data now…

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