Think about the power of FaceTime to redesign healthcare delivery in the USA

We really need to redesign the manner of healthcare delivery in this country. Think about the power of FaceTime, and I’m not paid by Apple. I know a Family Physician colleague who travels around the world and he makes it a point to round on his Patients even though he might be in Germany and the way he does that is he gets up on FaceTime and he talks with his Patients on the phone and he talks with the hospital team and catches up with them and it’s a total relational thing and I don’t know if he bills for it and if he does great and if he doesn’t well that’s sad but the point is he does it because he cares

Dr Jay W Lee, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Associate Medical Director of Practice Transformation at MemorialCare Medical Foundation, Director of Health Policy at the Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program, and President of the California Academy of Family Physicians, provides an unmissable keynote at the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association National Conference on 26th September 2015 at the UC Irvine School of Medicine.


If you’d like to learn more about work with us at 3G Doctor (where we have been providing documented mobile video calls to Patients in the UK and Ireland since November 2006) to help redesign healthcare in the USA let’s arrange to meet in North America at the mHealth Summit (Washington DC), Exponential Medicine (San Diego), TedMed (Palm Springs) and/or World Diabetes Congress (Vancouver).

Related post: “President Obama’s favorite mobile health use case” (Jan 2011).

The 3G Doctor Can See You Now

*** *** *** UPDATE 13:00GMT 29 September 2015 *** *** ***

Feedback from Lenny Naar (a designer working inside a London hospital @HELIXCentre & Co-Founder of #PrescribeDesign) on tweeting this blog post title/link got me started ;)

replicating reality with mHealth

Links in above:

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3) Are Patients wasting GPs time OR are undocumented Doctor office visit only models wasting everyone’s time?

4) Mark Bertolini: The new definition of Quality in Healthcare is Convenience

5) Does ‘John’ need your time or attention?

Clearly not all video consultations will be the same (not all Doctor consults need to be documented and maybe Doctors won’t adopt the best mobile video consulting practice that we’ve freely shared because we have experienced the benefits of comprehensively documented interactions that prepare both Patient and Doctor for the consultation) but why is it so bad if a FaceTime call does just replicate the reality when the reality is going to a clinic when you don’t have to and there’s no benefit?

My mother is 93 years old and has an iPad. She wants to know why she can’t FaceTime the Practice Nurse, so do I (March 2013)

Malcolm Gladwell: in the cause of efficiency we’ve disrupted the very thing the Patient really wants

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