Intel CEO talks about Wearables and mHealth with Walt Mossberg at re/code

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich demos ECG monitoring smartshirt at Recode

…We missed Tablets and Smartphones…. we’re moving to the internet of things and wearables in a big way… ….for this mock up we’ve put this tech into a cycling T-Shirt but also think about an elderly Patient who’s in a nursing facility and you have a hundred of these people and they can simply wear this shirt as their normal garb, they can be connected to the internet, the care facility can have access, you can have visible indicators (eg. flashing less embedded into shirt) to indicate that the person is having abnormal arrhythmia’s, there’s all types of applications you can now start to apply this to… …when we think about wearables we think about Eyes, Ears, Wrist and then your main torso…

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich being interviewed by Patient Champion Walt Mossberg after giving every member of the ($6,500 a ticket) re/code Code Conference audience a Basis Band (retail price $199 – Intel recently bought the company for $100 Million) while wearing an Intel processor embedded Intelligent SmartShirt from AIQ with it’s ‘validated’ ECG sensors.

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