EU Political Think Tank claims funding for innovative mHealth technologies and training are not justified

CEP comments on EUs mHealth Green Paper

The Centre for European Union Policy (an EU political think tank) has commented on the EU’s mHealth Green Paper claiming that the benefits of mHealth are uncertain and don’t arise at European Union level.

Let’s be very clear:

> It’s estimated that there are 32 million adults in the EU with diabetes – about 8.1% of the adult population.

> It’s estimated that 271,300 adults (equivalent to the total number of foreigners living in Brussels) in the EU died from diabetes-related diseases, that’s one every 2 minutes.

> Diabetes is the 4th most common cause of death in Europe.

> Annual healthcare spend on Diabetes in Europe reached €89 Billion in 2012.

> The International Diabetes Federation has called for mHealth to become an embedded compulsory part of how we provide quality care for diabetics.

> EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes has called for an end of the waiting room with claims that “With mHealth alone, Europe could save €99 billion in healthcare a year in 2017″.

Key takeaways:

Governments need to think about the adoption of mHealth for more than just efficiency gains, cost savings or the maintenance of quality.

> Governments need to recognise that the 2000 year old model of healthcare is broken forever and the problem we have now is that 70% of healthcare spending is on chronic illness and the old ‘see me in 6 months and we’ll see what’s going on’ model no longer works and the opportunity is in engaging Patients in managing their own chronic illnesses.

> Governments need to recognise that the digital divide is further isolating the people who are most socially and economically disadvantaged, that it’s time we looked beyond trying to teach seniors to use PCs and moved onto the opportunity to use Mobiles that are designed to meet their needs and recognised that just as loneliness can be deadly for the elderly joining the mobile generation can be life saving (Please help someone you love to fall in love with SMS).

> Healthcare Providers need to recognise that their employees didn’t have mHealth tech available when they learnt their clinical skills and so it’s critically important that we don’t just buy in tech in the hope that it will be used effectively. We need to dedicate resources to training so that healthcare professionals understand the need for mHealth adoption and the opportunity it provides them to advance the care of their Patients.

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