Patients can now share their Apple HealthKit data with NHS GPs

EMIS Patient Access with Apple Health

Although there’s still some NHS GPs who remain very negative about the idea of ‘healthy people using Health Apps’ it’s great to see that EMIS (the provider of the EHR used by most NHS GPs – follow them on Twitter) have enabled Patients using Apple HealthKit to share their data with their Primary Care Provider. It’s hard to begin to imagine what this is going to do for Patient empowerment and Clinical Research.

There’s no better time to train your GP practice staff on the mHealth opportunity. Get in touch with the Healthcare Informatics Society or with us here via this online form if you’d like to schedule us to provide the CPD accredited mHealth for Healthcare Professionals course at your next GP Practice meeting.

It’s not easy but we need to learn how to practice medicine in times of exponential change because doing nothing isn’t an option…

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*** Update 27 April 2015 ***

An interesting Twitter conversation that was triggered by this post:

Twitter discussion triggered by EMIS HealthKit integration

*** Update 27 April 2015 ***

Another interesting Twitter conversation that was triggered by this post:

how will GPs manage the accuracy of Healthkit generated Patient data

Click here to read more about how NHS GP Dr Amir Hannan has implemented Instant Medical History (the clinically validated Patient history questionnaires that are such a critically important part of the documented consultations we offer at 3G Doctor).

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