iDoctor: Could a smartphone be the future of Medicine

iDoctor could a smartphone be the future of medicine

Great NBCNews profile of Eric Topol MD showcasing mHealth tech including the Alivecor ECG, DexCom SEVEN PLUS, VisiMobile by Sotera Wireless and the GE V-Scan.

If you ever struggle to see the value that mHealth offers a mobile hardware manufacturer just try and count the number of prominent features of Apple branded mobiles in this short video. Then consider that this 8.5 minute video is running on a news channel where a 30 second commercial retails for $100,000 – making this news item worth more than $1.7 million for Apple and that’s before you factor in the zero production costs and the endorsement value of having patients and Doctors gushing about the value of the innovation.

I understand this news item has been featured on NBC news several times so it’s probably already given the Apple brand more than $10 million of free advertising.

With the number of in store enquiries and demand this will create amongst healthcare professional viewers (and generous patients who would like to treat their favourite carer!) I think it’s very likely that we’ll see the FDA approved Alivecor device being offered for sale on the Apple website in the next few weeks – in the meantime you can buy it direct from Alivecor for only $199.

Imagine the boost Apple would get if they got behind an effort to launch emergency 911 Facetime calls in a state like California? I think together with the free press Apple would garner the brand differentiation the iPhone would receive would be worth more than a Billion $’s.

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