“I am very curious if the 3G Doctor model be scalable, especially in developing countries, as opposed to more algorithm based models?”

Khosla Digital Health Medical Centre Powered by IBMs Watson winner of Jeopardy

An interesting question I received today got me thinking how widely people in the Healthcare technology industry underestimate the value of trust.

Let’s make it clear the big issue will always be trust. If it wasn’t all about trust you’d be having your weekly shopping decisions made by and delivered by Aldi/Walmart/Tesco as they’ve got great data and have a fair idea what you’ll be putting in your shopping basket next week.

In developing regions of the world trust is even more challenging because asides from the lack of education about the value of algorithms Patients often don’t have rights or the financial means to make a complaint against a powerful Healthcare provider organisation never mind a global tech company that provides low cost ‘algorithm based model’ healthcare advice.

Last week at the Amazon Fire launch Jeff Bezo’s gave away a great recipe for building trust as a company: 1 Do hard things well 2 Repeat

Jeff Bezos Amazons Simple Recipe for building Trust

Is Amazon scaleable?? Would you like next day delivery on an ECG monitor that will work with your smartphone?

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