Imagine if Google’s Project Glass was taken over by the team behind the Motion Savvy Indigogo Campaign

With 70 million citizens using sign language as their first language or mother tongue can you imagine how easy it would be for Google to add a second camera (to the other arm of the frame) to get the 3D ability that MotionSavvy are getting from the Leap Motion controller, tweak MotionSavvy’s app and link the Google Glass to the wearers Smartphone so sounds are played through the loudspeaker.

Motion Savvy Website. Support their fundraising campaign.

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With Google Glasses has Silicon Valley created something so useful and easy to use that it’s Primary market will be serving health needs?

Why would Apple make a wristwatch or pair of glasses when smart earbuds could let them cannibalise the $10 Billion hearing aid industry?

mHealth applications transform public perception of wearable technology.

Smartphones will reinvent & multiply the Hearing Aid market rather than cannibalise it.

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