Join us for the Self Care Pharmacy Conference

Self Care Pharmacy Conference

On Wednesday 12th November 2014 I’ll be providing the opening keynote to the Self Care Pharmacy Conference, a brilliant new event organised by the North-East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee focused on showcasing how innovative Pharmacy practice can support independent living and empower Patients to take better control of their health.

Full list of speakers/topics:

> Matthew Cole, DPH, LBBD: Self Care and Long Term Conditions

> David Doherty, Founder, 3G Doctor: The Impact of mHealth on Self Care

> Sarah Forshaw, Community Equipment Commissioning Lead, LBN: Community Equipment and Mobility Aids to support Self Care. Supply and prescribing by pharmacists

> Clive Furness, Chairman, LBN, HWB B: Event Chair & will respond on the behalf of the Newham Public

> The Rt Hon. the Earl Howe, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health: Self Care & Pharmacy

> Councillor Ahsan Khan, Chief Guest

> Andy Knight, Community Group Manager, Adult Community Services, LBBD: Managing co-morbidities: Referrals to Specialist Agencies e.g. debt management, social prescribing by pharmacists

> Richard Muir, Institute for Public Policy Research: Patients in Control – IPPR Report

> Hemant Patel, NEL LPC: The SelfCare Pharmacy Practice

> Janaka Perera, Integrated Care Workstream, Lead, Newham CCG: Commissioning of SelfCare Pharmacy in Newham

> Gul Root, DH: Healthchecks to support Self Care

> Adrian Sieff, Health Foundation: Empowering Patients: Self Care and person-centred care

> Surinder Singh Kalsi, Chairman, NELLPC

> Dr Alex Thomson, Consultant Psychiatrist, CNW London FT: Integrating Physical and Mental Health

More information/registration:

Although the idea of giving more power to patients is not a new idea, SelfCare Pharmacy is a radical departure from current community pharmacy practice. The potential for community Pharmacy to support innnovative new approaches to self care, public health, medicine adherence, daily living & mobility aids, urgent care need management, etc, is greatly under-explored.

In order to lead this change the first conference will focus on why self care (including self management) is important and why Pharmacy needs to be seen as a key player for both Patients and Carers dealing with urgent care needs for minor ailments as well as those trying to manage stable long term conditions. The SelfCare Pharmacy will initially focus on mental health, diabetes, respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases.

Led by Earl Howe, the Pharmacy Minister, this first event will bring together senior representatives from the Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, HealthWatchs, local charities from 6 North East London Boroughs, 2 local Colleges, 3 Universities, MPs, Mayors and representatives from the London Mayor’s office.

This meeting has been approved for CME Credits. If you would like to attend there are a few places reserved for readers of mHealthInsight so please either email me or comment below with name/email/tel and I’ll try and reserve you a place.

UPDATE 11 November 2014: My mHealth and Selfcare Slide Deck


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