“I’m a healthy skeptic of the fluff associated with much of what we see/read/hear regarding mHealth today”

Dr Evil mHealth

A sentence in an email I received today from a Linkedin mHealth group member got me thinking it might be time for an update on the Why mHealth? post from last year.

I think it’s important to realise there will always be a lot of noise around anything that’s exciting and requires the imagination (especially when big Pharmacy retailers are reporting $B’s in annual revenue from their mobile app and Danish fitness app startups are getting $85M exits from US apparel brands) but get some good filters in place (follow some of these mHealth leaders on Twitter etc) and you should find it easy enough.

I’m personally more sceptical that we can go on…

with the current situation where you don’t have your care documented.

pretending that we can afford the 2000 year old office visit based healthcare model.

without providing Carers with sufficient access to information.

with a situation where your dog’s Vet provides more coordinated care than your Child’s Psychiatrist.

spending Billions of £’s on drugs and not documenting the outcomes they provide.

killing thousands of people every day because we’re not being creative and paying attention.

with government appointed Healthcare IT leaders not having even a basic understanding of what Big Data refers to.

having Doctors blame Patients for wasting their time while not doing anything to permit the exchange of information outside of rushed office visits.

with Endocrinologists making Patients labor to fill paper diaries that they then fan their face with.

with the majority of Clinical Trials failing to even start because we want to maintain outdated paper/facility based recruitment processes.

What would you add to this list?

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